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Exhibition Title

The 13th International Exchange, Bank & Insurance Exhibition (Iran Finex 2020)


8 -11 June 2021


Tehran International Permanent Fairground


Banian Omid Co.

Contact Information

Email: info@iranfinex.ir

Tel: +982174501000 ( 30 Lines )

Website: http://iranfinex.ir

International Exchange, Bank and Insurance fair (IRAN FINEX) is certainly the biggest event concentratin on Finance industries in Iran, it is the most important event in this field in the region that brings together all the companies operating in the financial sector under the same roof. All the products and services of this sector are exhibited in this event. The visitors therefore get a chance to get acquainted with the latest financial tools and services and the exhibitors get a huge exposure in the presence of a large number of potential customers. This is a platform for building strong business network that will aid the business in the future. IRAN FINEX attracts a large number of visitors (over 30,000 market experts) who come to this event with an intention to make professional investment decision.

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